Below are some resources for parents and swimmers.

The San Luis Obispo Swim Club is dedicated to nurturing the spirit within each swimmer.  Swimming with the SLO Swim Club allows individuals to be part of a team of motivated, hardworking, positive people.  While everyone swims for their own reasons, they also swim for and with their teammates.  This peer group can have a profound effect on the way people of all ages view the world and themselves.

The SLO Swim Club handbook, as listed below, offers a complete overview of what we do, how we do it, and why.  You will also find out what swimmers and their parents need to know to help their team continue the tradition of excellence that our San Luis Obispo Swim Club is known for.

SLO Swim Club Documents/Information

Welcome to the SLO Swim Club

My First Swim Meet:  An informational document full of tips, advice, and information for new and seasoned swimmers and parents.

Team Handbook

Section A - Introduction & Team Philosophy
Section B - Coaching & Team Structure
Section C - Swimmer's Training & Responsibilities
Section D - Parent Information
Section E - Board & Financial Information
Section F - Swim Meets
Section G - Nutrition
SLO Swim Club History
USA Swimming Documents/Information

New Parents (USA Swimming):  An informational site with tips and information for new or seasoned parents.

USA Swimming Nutrition Center:
  Great tips and information regarding nutrition (Especially for swimmers).
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