Team Equipment & Apparel
Equipment and Apparel are all important aspects of swimming.  Below are brief descriptions of each product that we feel are important for each swimmer to have.  Some items are required for all groups/swimmers and some are recommended for certain groups/swimmers.  

We have many of these items in-stock and available for immediate purchase from the SLO Swim Club office.  Some items may need to be ordered.  If you are interested in any other items that are not listed below, just ask us and we can help you out.

The swim club is affiliated with DOLFIN SWIMWEAR.  We encourage all swimmers to purchase DOLFIN equipment and suits when possible.

The swim club and the city do have some equipment available such as kickboards and pull buoys, but it is recommended that swimmers have some of their own equipment.

*A great tip for any of the below items (especially the equipment) is to write your name (with a permanent marker) on all of your personal equipment.  This will help your stuff be identified in case it ever gets lost or misplaced.


SLO Swim Club Team Swim Suits

Required for:  All Swimmers

All team suits come with the SLO Swim Club logo screen printed on the suit.

*A great tip: All swimmers competing in a swim meet should wear a SLO Swim Club team suit or Racing suit.
  Racing Suits

Recommended for:  Competitive swimmers ages 12 and up.

Specifically used for competition, these suits provide body compression and sleek fabrics to maximize swimming speed. 

*A great tip: Talk to your coach to find the racing suit most appropriate for you.


Required for:  All Groups

Each swimmers should come to practice prepared with working goggles...we do have extras, but don't count on those working properly. 

*A great tip: Try to have an extra pair of goggles in your bag for those just-in-case days.


Swim Cap

Recommended for :  Prehawk Group
Required for:  White, Red, Blue, Pre-Senior, Senior, High School, and Masters

Swim caps make swimming easier for all swimmers in the water.  It allows swimmers to swim and not have to deal with their hair getting in their faces.  For our more advantaged groups swim caps are used as training tools in certain race type situations or for use with a tempo trainer.  SLO Swim Club caps are available in white and navy, and in latex or silicone.

*SLO Swim Club caps are required for ALL swimmers competing in a swim meet!



Required for: All Groups

Fins are a great tool for all swimmers.  Although the swim club does have some fins available for use, they do sometimes go missing and we may not have a pair in out bin in your size, so it might be beneficial for swimmers to have their own pair.

*A good tip: If you find that you are in-between sizes, socks are a great way to allow your feet to fit in the larger size, until you grown into them


Required for:  All groups

Kickboards are used in every single practice, for every single group.  Kickboards are of course great for those kick sets, but they are also used for many drills.  Kickboards are available at the pool for swimmers to use.  If you would like your own, you can purchase a SLO Swim Club Kickboard.

*A good tip:  Decorate your personal kickboard with puff paint or permanent markers to show off your artistic style!


  Pull Buoy

Required for:  Blue, Pre-Senior, Senior, High School, and Masters

Pull buoys are used in every single practice, for most groups.  Buoys are not only used for pull sets, but they can also used for many drills. 

*A good tip:  Pull buoys are available at the pool for swimmers to use, however, it is a good idea to have your own


  Hand Paddles

Required for:  Blue, Pre-Senior, Senior, and Masters

Paddles are a great training tool, which allows swimmers to work on distance per stroke, muscle strengthening, stroke technique, and more.

*A good tip:  Paddles come in a variety of size, check with your coach to see what size is best for you

  Swim Snorkel

Recommended for:  Masters
Required for:  Blue, Pre-Senior, and Senior

A snorkel is a training tool used to help assist in stroke technique, head position, body position, rotation, aerobic capacity, and much more.

*A good tip:  A swim snorkel is not the same as a snorkel used at the beach, be sure to get a snorkel specifically designed for swimming.

  Mesh Bag (also known as a Wet Bag)

Recommended for:  All Groups

A great way to keep and store all your training equipment in one place.  Holds your kickboard, fins, paddles, buoy, snorkel, goggles, etc. 

*A good tip:  A mesh bag eliminates searching for your equipment...just bring your bag full of your gear to your lane every day.


  SLO Swim Club T-Shirts

Recommended for:  All swimmers and family members
Required for:  Pre-Senior and Senior Groups

Show off your team spirit by wearing these swim club t-shirts.  They are available in white, navy, red, and grey.  Some groups are required to wear these shirt during dryland training. 

*A good tip:  write your name on the tag on the inside collar, so your shirt does not get mixed up with anyone else's shirt.

SLO Swim Club Team Parka

Recommended for:  All swimmers

A navy parka with red lining, with the SLO Swim Club logo on the back, and your name on the front chest.  Parkas are a great way to stay warm throughout all months of the year.  Parkas are great to wear to a swim meet and before/after practice. 

*A good tip:  Order a larger size, so you can grow into it, if needed.

  SLO Swim Club Team Backpack

Recommended for:  All swimmers

A navy blue backpack with the SLO Swim Club logo on the front, along with your name.  

*A good tip:  Backpacks are a great way to hold all your towel, clothes, and more.  Great for everyday practice and swim meets!
  SLO Swim Club Team Warm-ups

Recommended for:  All swimmers

A set of navy blue Dolfin warm-ups, with the SLO Swim Club logo on the back, and your name on the front chest.

*A good tip: 
A great way to show off your team spirit.  Great to wear to swim meets or to swim club events.
Come by the office or contact us if you are interested in purchasing any of these items.
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