How to Join

Step 1: Try-Out

We offer tryouts Monday thru Friday from 4:00 - 5:30 pm.  (*We will be gone on some Friday's due to swim meets)

Tryouts consists of swimming 2-6 laps of various strokes to better understand each swimmer's ability.
Once a swimmer try-outs out, we will place the swimmer in the appropriate group level.  Some swimmers may need additional lessons before being able to join the team, and if that is the case we are more than willing to work that out with you as well.

**Please note that swimmers who want to swim in the High School Training Group or our Masters Group do NOT have to try-out (you can skip straight to step 2). 

**Also swimmers who have swam on another swim team will not have to try-out.  As long as we know the group level you were in at your previous club, or your swim times, we can determine which group would be most appropriate.

Step 2:  One Week Free Trial

Once swimmers are placed in the appropriate group level, they are welcomed to swim with that group for a week for free before committing to the team.

Step 3:  Paperwork

Once a swimmer decides they want to join the swim club, we will give you all the necessary paperwork.  We ask that you take it home, fill it out, and bring it back the next time you come to swim practice.

What is the paperwork?

Club Registration Packet
USA Swimming Registration Form (For Age Group Swimmers Only)
USA Masters Registration Form can be done online (For Masters Swimmers Only)

Step 4:  Dues Payment

New swimmers who begin in the middle of any month will have their first month's dues prorated (please talk to a coach to find out your prorated dues if applicable).  Also new swimmers will have to pay a one-time initiation fee.  If another family member has already joined the swim club, the initiation fee is waived.  There is also a yearly fee associated with your USA Swimming or USA Masters Registration. 

Step 4:  Enjoy your Swim Club Experience

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