San Luis Obispo Firecracker Swim Meet
Friday, June 29th - Sunday, July 1st 


This is a combined USA Swimming and USMS Masters Event.

This Event Fills Up Every Year!  To increase your chances of getting into the meet,
be sure to enter as soon as possible.

Click HERE for the Firecracker Meet Sheet

How to Enter:

Preferred Entry Method:  We encourage ALL teams to please enter electronically.
Click HERE for the Team Manager Event File.


Online Entry Method:  Swimmers may utilize SwimConnection to enter electronically. (Click Here

USA Swimming Entry Card:
This entry card is ONLY used for swimmers who are registered with USA Swimming.  Swimmers should use this entry method if their team is not entering the meet electronically. 

        USA Swimming Entry Card (click here)

Masters Entry Card:
This entry card and waiver is ONLY used for swimmers who are registered with US Masters.  Masters Swimmers must fill out and sign both pages, including the USMS waiver.  

      Masters Entry Card for entering Regular Events OR Regular Events AND POW Event (click here)

xxx            Masters Entry Card for entering ONLY (POW) Pool Open Water Event (click here)

This is a FUN meet:
    *Lots of awards (including ribbons, medals, special awards and trophies). 
    *Queen & King of the Pool Competition
    *Memorial Award Trophy for the winners of the Boys & Girls 800 Freestyle
    *Pool Open Water (POW) Events for ages 7 and up (including Masters)

Please contact SLO Swim Club if you have any further questions.

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