Mission Statement

Our Mission

The San Luis Obispo Swim Club offers a quality aquatics program where members of all ages and abilities can reach their highest potential through healthy competition, personal challenge, and a dedication to fitness in an environment of team spirit and fun.  

Our Values and Objectives

The San Luis Obispo Swim Club aquatics program is founded upon the belief that competitive swimming offers an exciting and valuable experience in a person's life.  It can be learned and enjoyed by those with little or no ability, to those who are of Olympic caliber.  Yet, its values go far beyond that of just learning efficiency in the water.

In a program that is well planned and directed, every participant can gain from their experience.  It is for this reason that the San Luis Obispo Swim Club has adopted the following values and objectives.  

All members of this team - the athletes, families, and coaching staff - should aspire to promote and achieve these values and objectives.


Toward our Athletes

  1. To provide opportunities for social and emotional development;
  2. To furnish a wholesome and worthwhile physical and recreational outlet;
  3. To teach sportsmanship and promote team spirit and pride; 
  4. To instill good health habits; 
  5. To provide training and competition to all swimmers who desire it; 
  6. To provide the opportunity to gain self-esteem and worth by making a commitment to the sport and pursuing personal goals; 
  7. To pursue excellence in a sport they can enjoy the rest of their lives 

Toward our Coaching Staff

  1. We must treat our coaches with the respect their position deserves; 
  2. Each person must be considered on an individual standing on their own dignity and merit; 
  3. We must consider the opinions of our coaches and involve them in the solutions of our future; 
  4. Provide, as best we can, the tools necessary to achieve their personal and team goals 

Toward our Volunteers

  1. To encourage volunteer involvement by providing the support necessary to get the job done; 
  2. To respect and appreciate the hard work of all our volunteers