Team News

Team Communications


Most team communications come to each swimmer's e-mail.  

If you are not receiving our SLO Swim Club e-mails, please talk to one of the coaches, so we can get that remedied.  The e-mail system is the fastest most efficient way to get all our club news, announcements, and events sent to all our members. 

The primary e-mail listed on a swimmer's registration form is the e-mail used for all communications.  If you would like another e-mail added to the e-mail list, please let us know

Swimmer Folders

Each swimmer (besides Master's swimmers) has a file folder labeled with their name.   The file folders are located in the blue rolling filling cart, which is usually located right inside (or outside) the office door.  

Swimmer awards are put into those file folders, as well as any additional information about swim meets, club information, activities, etc.  

It is a good idea to check your file folder weekly. 

Office Door & Display Case

Many of our swim club announcements, events, swim meet results, and activities are posted on the office door or in the informational display case (located on the wall to the right of the office door).